Putting a name to a face (part 2)

Dave Wilcox just got in touch to say that he too recognised a family member in one of our photographs, in this case his mother, Margie Wilcox.

As Dave put it, in this picture Margie is ‘the one in the foreground with the big smile, mug of tea and a fag’.

Apparently, Margie  worked on the Hesser floor at Thames Refinery around 1960, before moving – like Ethel, who we wrote about in The Sugar Girls – into the Hesser floor office.

Later, Margie worked in the Thames Refinery bar with a friend called Lottie.

Margie wasn’t the only member of her family to work at the factory.  Her husband, Harry Wilcox, was a driver on the Hesser Floor for 35 years, and their son Dave spent a few years working at the factory himself.

If you can identify any of the women in the photographs here in the Gallery, please do get in touch on sugargirlsbook@hotmail.co.uk.